About Us

We are professionals who collectively have years of experience and thousands of projects in various markets and sectors under our belt. A multidisciplinary human team who provides top notch quality service in all the research phases. It is composed of women and men of various nationalities, allowing us to understand what makes each society tick. We know that the nuances in lifestyles, the environmental conditions and the habits of each country affect the decisions and opinions of its people, which we carefully consider for each recruitment process.

We handle your challenges

We love putting our thinking hat on when it comes to market research FW services. We offer a wide range of traditional and innovative qualitative methodologies to solve your business challenges. No project is too small, you can hand pick just a few or all services we offer.

Our mission

ESR Research is to have a fresh take on how MR FW services are provided and how partnerships are handled. We work with businesses of all sizes from a variety of industries to help them reach their goals at the smoothest way possible.

Our team

Ivan Bautista
Roger Sans
Commercial Strategy & Operations
Oumou Sarr
Chief Sales Officer
Marcelo Fantoni
Field Director
Leo Ferraz
Spain Operations Manager
Magda Amate
Head of Accounting Department
Anabel Puyal
Brazil head office
Luciana Valdivia
Mexico head office
Roberto Infante