Privacy Policy

Date of Publication: 09/05/2022

Estudio Silvia Roca, S.L. (hereafter ESR)’s Privacy Policy is set out below. For ESR, complying with current data protection legislation is more than just a legal necessity, it is an essential requirement for our business as, in order to carry out our work, we require reliable and up-to-date data from individuals who have authorised its use for market research purposes.

As part of our work, we collect and handle data from individuals interested in taking part in our client-commissioned market research studies.

Who are we?

Name and address: ESTUDIO SILVIA ROCA S.L.
Rambla Catalunya 62, 3º2º
08007 – Barcelona
Tax Identification Number (NIF): B-60817723
Telephone: 934515310


What do we use your data for?

The personal data you provide us as a panellist is used by us for the purpose of inviting you to market research studies you might be interested in, in exchange for an incentive. To enable us to invite you to our research, we require some demographics, personal contact or usage data, which we use to determine your eligibility to take part in our research.

In the event that you agree to take part in a specific research project you have been invited to, we will collect some additional data about your opinions relevant to that research. In such cases, we will need to handle your personal data in order to carry out that research.

For some research studies, we may use your data for the purpose of re-contacting you to ask you to confirm some of the information collected from you at an interview or fieldwork event.

In the case of participants, their personal data is provided to us by ESR’s clients to enable us to ask you about your opinions or tastes regarding our client’s products or services. In this case, participant data is used exclusively for the purpose of carrying out such research.

How long do we keep your data?

As long as you are part of our database, we will keep your personal data for the purpose of inviting you to take part in our research studies. Whenever you decide you want to stop receiving our invitations, we will remove your personal data, in accordance with the procedures established by current data protection legislation.

If you have taken part in a specific research study, we will carry out a process of dissociation of your personal data, so that your feedback or responses are “separate” from your personal information.

If you are a panellist and you have taken part in a specific research study, your additional personal data collected during that research will be deleted six months after research completion. Any additional data collected during the research may be added to your personal data for the purpose of inviting you to take part in further research studies. 


We will always request your agreement to participate in our research, and without such agreement, it will not be possible for you to take part in such research. In the case of under 14s, we will request parental or legal guardian consent. 


Data transfer to third parties

  • To a client or research beneficiary
    Research results will be passed on to our client using a pseudonym instead of your real name, having previously carried out a data dissociation process. However, on certain occasions, the results may be for such small samples – for example, “Dermatologists at Barcelona’s Hospital Clínico” – that the client could, with minimal effort, identify the data owner. In such cases, we will request your prior consent to pass on or transfer that data to the client and, if consent is denied, you will be unable to take part in that research.
  • To companies within the ESR group
    Similarly, your personal data may be accessed by companies within the ESR group that are based outside the European Union. Such access takes place solely for organisational purposes and for the purpose of providing a service to ESR.
  • To providers
    ESR may work with various service providers, who may have access to data within the framework of a third-party data-handling contract, whereby their access to data is limited to the terms of that contract.


Data sources

Your personal data will have been collected by ESR via any of the following means:

  • You have voluntarily provided us with your data, when registering as a panellist.
  • We have collected it from public sources.
  • We have received it from one of our panellist-recruitment providers.
  • It has been provided to us by the actual client for the purpose of carrying out a market research study (Participants).

In any of these cases, and whenever you receive a communication from ESR, you will be informed of this Privacy Policy and of your rights as the personal data owner.


Types of data

The types of personal data we collect, or may collect, about panellists are:

  • Personal identification data.
  • Contact data.
  • Health data.
  • Financial data.
  • Skills, tastes, product usage, etc. data.


You have the right to:

 To exercise any of the rights mentioned in this section, you may contact us at where we will provide you with the relevant forms.

To ensure a better understanding of our Privacy Policy, a glossary of terms is included below:

ESR client: those companies, usually agencies specialising in market research, who come to ESR with the aim of carrying out studies commissioned by their own clients, who are the research beneficiaries.

Personal data: any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person: an identified natural person will be any person whose identity can be directly or indirectly determined – specifically, by an identifier such as a name, personal ID number, location information, online ID, or one or several elements referring to their physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, financial, cultural or social identity.

Sensitive data: any personal data that reveals a natural person’s race or ethnicity, political views, religious or philosophical convictions, or trade-union membership, and the handling of a natural person’s genetic data, biometrics used for unambiguous identification, data relating to health or sexual life and sexual orientation.

Research beneficiary: it refers to ESR’s client’s client, who commissions the research and benefits from it, as research results are provided to them in accordance with this Policy.

Market research: It includes all types of market and social research, opinion polls and data analysis. It is defined as the systematic collection and interpretation of information about individuals or organisations. It uses statistical and analytical methods, and applied-science, data-handling and behavioural techniques for collecting feedback or providing elements that support the decision making of goods suppliers, service providers, government agencies, non-profit organisations and the general public.

Under age: any research participant aged under 14.

Incentive: a gift, payment or other remuneration offered to potential interviewees in order to increase participation rates.

Participant: a natural person taking part in a research study, whose opinions and other information necessary for conducting the research are collected.

Panellist: a natural person who agrees to their personal data being added to a database for the purpose of inviting them to participate in future market research studies.

In such cases where this Privacy Policy recognises the rights of both participants and panellists, neither of these groups will be expressly mentioned. In the event that one of these Privacy Policy provisions is applicable only to participants or to panellists, a specific mention will be made.

Data dissociation procedures: any personal data handling where the information collected cannot be linked to an identified or identifiable person. Dissociating refers to the process by which information is removed from a set of data in order to protect the privacy of the individuals described by such data. Data is dissociated with the aim of distributing or publishing the data while maintaining the anonymity of the individuals from whom the data is collected.